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Plant a Drought Tolerant Garden – Fiona Bruyn

Plant a Drought Tolerant Garden – Fiona Bruyn

Plant a Drought Tolerant Garden – Fiona Bruyn

With summer and water restrictions upon us, it might seem harsh, to think about starting a new garden but, if you use the right products and the right plants you can create a water wise garden that will not only survive, but will thrive.

First you need to choose a position in your yard. Somewhere with a northerly aspect is perfect, but first you may need to do some remedial work. If the ground has a lot of clay, the water will run straight off and Yates clay breaker can solve this problem. Spread around a couple of handfuls for every square metre and cover the whole lot in some fresh soil from your local nursery.

To really help drought proof your soil, you can also add some organic matter or even some water storage crystals. These will save your plants during long dry spells. They hold up to five hundred times their own weight in water and they last for about five years before breaking down naturally. They need to be near the roots of your plants so just spread them out and dig them in.

For a water wise garden and it’s best to use a mixture of native and exotic plants. Magnolia “Little Gems” have beautiful glossy green leaves on one side and downy bronze on the other. During spring and summer they will develop beautiful creamy white blossoms that smell divine. Mexican Orange Blossoms are also gorgeous and grow to about one and half metres high. They form a beautiful orange hedge once fully grown. Liriopes are a grass like plant. They are extremely hardy and when the wind catches them, add a ballet like movement to your garden.

To complete the garden you can use a variety of rosemary called Blue Lagoon. It’s compact and can also be used in cooking. For ground cover, a grevillea called Mt Tamboritha is perfect. This plant will flower for a good part of the year, and is very attractive to birds. Their foliage is low so they are ideal for suppressing weeds and keeping the moisture in the soil.

Then all you need to do is give the plants a good feed to help them get established. Dynamic lifter seaweed plant food is perfect and will be absorbed by the roots straight away. Using mulch in your garden will make sure all your good work doesn’t get evaporated. Make sure you leave a gap around the stems of the plants to prevent collar rot and re-mulch every six months.

The last step to drought proof your garden is to use waterwise soil wetters. It encourages the water to penetrate the surface and move down to the root system where it is needed the most. This comes in both liquid and granular form. So create a drought tolerant garden around your home, that will not only look beautiful and last as well.

For more information on Yates products pop into you’re nearest nursery or hardware store.




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