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Prepare Your Walls For Painting – Fiona Bruyn

Prepare Your Walls For Painting – Fiona Bruyn

Prepare Your Walls For Painting – Fiona Bruyn

Prepare Your Walls For Painting – Fiona Bruyn

Painting projects no matter how big or small, requires preparation and it’s what makes the difference in you’re job looking average or fantastic. If you take the time and prepare the walls properly with the right products you’ll have that professional looking finish in no time.

If you’re thinking of painting an area of your home that has seen a lot of action over the years, then you want to make sure you do a great job that will last. First, you need to make sure the walls are clean and free of any dust, muck or nails and. The best way to pull nails out of a soft gyprock wall is to use a timber off cut otherwise you’re going to end up with a bigger hole than the one you started with.

Give the walls a good wash down with Selleys Sugar soap. Just mix a capful in some water and wipe down. Sugar soap is not as sweet as it sounds so make sure you wear gloves.

Once the walls are clean you will see all the imperfections, like little cracks and holes. You need to get rid of all of these and Selleys has a range of ready to use polyfillas that will handle the smallest nail hole to the largest crack whatever the surface. Squeeze the Polyfilla into the holes and then scrap it off with a Rota Cota blade.

It only takes one application and takes about half an hour to dry. Just overfill the holes and then feather the edges when sanding. The Polyfilla won’t shrink or crack and will leave you with the perfect surface for painting. Once the walls are properly prepared you’ll be ready to paint.

The range of Selleys Polyfilla RTU is available at all leading hardware stores.




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