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Build A Storage Unit – Kevin Farrell


One thing every household is in need of is more storage space. You can build a modern storage unit that consists of a series of square box shelves that’s not only modern but looks great as well. It will give you the space to put all your beautiful photos, ornaments and books on show for everyone to see.

Build A Storage Unit – Kevin Farrell

Build A Storage Unit – Kevin Farrell

Build A Storage Unit – Kevin Farrell

Build A Storage Unit – Kevin Farrell

Build A Storage Unit – Kevin Farrell

Build A Storage Unit – Kevin Farrell

The following instructions will guide you through building your own storage unit.

Tool List:

  • Ryobi 18 Volt One Plus Tool System Combo Kit
    2-speed drill and a circular saw
  • Ryobi 18 Volt One Plus Tool System Combo Kit
    2-speed drill, jigsaw and a circular saw
  • Impact Driver
  • 3 speed cordless drill

Materials List:

  • Paint No more gaps PVA Wood glue
  • Sand Paper 30mm bullet head nails Safety glasses
  • Spakfilla
  • 4mm MDF 1/1200m x 1200mm
  • 12mm MDF 10/ 395mm x 1200mm


  1. Pre cut the MDF sheet to the required width. (We used 395mm and gained the maximum width with minimum off cut making the width work to 300 or 400mm increments because we used a 1200 x 2400 sheet.) You then get four sheets at 295mm or three sheets at 395mm out of a 1200mm wide sheet.
  2. Cut each sheet to the precise length. The unit consists of 11 pieces. There 6 shelving boards. There are 4 perimeter boards and one backing board.
  3. The six-divider boards are 12mm MDF and are all the same length - 1176mm each.
  4. Two of the perimeter boards, the sides are 12mm MDF and are the same as the dividers at 1176mm each.
  5. The other 2 perimeter boards are 12mm MDF, the top and bottom, and are 1200mm each.
  6. The backing sheet is 4mm MDF and is 1200mm x 1200mm.
  7. To connect the shelving components you will need to cut slots in the shelving units at the correct spacings.
  8. Once these components are cut it’s a matter of sliding them together then gluing and screwing in place.
  9. Attach the top and bottom to the sides first. Pre drill the top and bottom along the edge. Countersink these holes and run a bead of glue under the edge.
  10. Screw the edges together with 30mm zinc chipboard screws.
  11. Assemble the dividers loosely and put to one side.
  12. Glue and nail the backing board to the rear edge of the top bottom and sides.
  13. Ensure the frame is square. Diagonal measure to do this.
  14. Slot the dividers into the squared up perimeter boards and screw the edges of these boards through the sides and the top and bottom. Pre- drill again and screw them together.
  15. Patch the holes on the outside of the unit excluding those on the bottom. Once it’s dry sand with sanding block or orbital sander.
  16. Paint the unit with timber prep / undercoat. Use a roller for the larger surfaces on the outside and a brush for the trick bits
  17. Finish coat (second coat) the MDF with selected colour low sheen enamel paint. Enamel paint will give you the most durable finish.

NOTE: MDF has very fine dust so ALWAYS wear a mask when cutting it, as well using all safety equipment while using all other tools.

Ryobi tools are available at all leading hardware stores.




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