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Makeover Your Garden Fence – Fiona Bruyn

Makeover Your Garden Fence – Fiona Bruyn

Makeover Your Garden Fence – Fiona Bruyn

Makeover Your Garden Fence – Fiona Bruyn

Makeover Your Garden Fence – Fiona Bruyn

Designing a garden is not just about picking out a few nice plants and throwing them into the ground, it's about creating an environment. Just like decorating a room, you need to start with the boundaries. Concrete blocks are a great building material for walls and fences but they're not the most attractive things to look at in their raw, grey state.

With the help of a little paint and a Paint Crew you can transform your wall into a beautiful feature in your garden. Paint Crew is an airless paint sprayer that will save you time and money. Although they used to be expensive, Wagner has designed one perfect for the home renovator.

When you're painting any type of masonry surface the first thing you need to do is get rid of any dust and loose surface material with a wire brush. Some walls may need a wash down with a cleaning agent to remove mould and mildew, as the paint won't take to this surface.

Remember that even though you're painting outside, it doesn't mean you can ignore masking off to stop paint going in all the wrong places. This will also leave nice clean lines giving you a professional looking finish.

Any surface that's in a raw state needs sealing before painting and a multi-prep acrylic will do the job. Then fill the Paint Crew and prime the machine, making sure you follow the instructions. If you've never used an airless sprayer before, it pays to practice on some scrap timber before you attack the fence.

There's a lot of pressure forcing the paint out of an airless sprayer so it's essential you block off your neighbours side of the fence with plastic or cardboard. You don't want their plants matching your wall. Then once you're into it, work in small sections from top to bottom. Don't try to cover long runs cause you'll end up tripping over everything. You’ll need an undercoat and then a topcoat.

With Paint Crew you’ll have an attractive backdrop to you’re garden in no time.

Wagner products are available at leading hardware and paint specialty stores.




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