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Paint A Striped Feature Wall – Fiona Bruyn

Paint A Striped Feature Wall – Fiona Bruyn

Paint A Striped Feature Wall – Fiona Bruyn

Paint A Striped Feature Wall – Fiona Bruyn

Paint A Striped Feature Wall – Fiona Bruyn

While preparation is the key to any great paint job, creating a look that suits your own personal taste is just as important. You can go with a crisp plain white wall, create a feature wall or design something really special. For a bold and eye catching feature you can even paint a wall black and white but to get that funky look, you need the right equipment.

First you need to paint the wall white and Spirit rollers will provide the best possible finish. They are made from pure lambs wool and mohair. There are easy to use and best of all, easy to clean. They have been designed to apply just the right amount of paint and the natural fibres will give you an even finish.

There are different thicknesses for different surfaces and different types of paints. A thick pile is best for the rough work and the fine pile for a high gloss finish but first, you need to get organised. The large roller is perfect for the base and to achieve the best coverage, roll it on in a “W” action, overlapping as you go.

Once you have finished painting the wall white, it's time for the stripes. Once the wall is dry you need to measure and mark the stripes. The Spirit rollers come in two sizes of 230mm and 270mm, so to protect the white paint use about 50 millimetres of masking tape on each side of where the black stripes will go. These rollers are great because the natural fibres won’t splatter any paint.

Then carefully roll from the ceiling down, overlapping each stroke as you go. Once you've painted all your stripes allow them to dry while you clean your rollers for next time. Always pour the paint into your compost and not down the drain.

The final step is to carefully peel off the tape and stand back to admire a job well done. You will have one very funky and very eye catching wall.

The range of Spirit Rollers are available at all leading hardware stores.




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