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Thank you for visiting our 2003 Archives Page.

This page contains links to all our previous stories and helpful information  from 2003 . Eventually, our Archives pages will be an essential "D.I.Y." guide to basic tasks around the home.

30th Aug., 2003  Ep 1 6th Sept., 2003  Ep 2 13th Sept., 2003  Ep 3
Mitreplan Workbench
Mouldy Ceilings
Basic Tool Kit
Ryobi Circular Saw
Garden Lighting
White Knight Tile Paint
The Band Saw
Disney Stencil Bedroom
Repairing Vinyl Tiles
Citristrip from the Flood Company
Drill Bits
Smoke Alarms
Mitreplan - Build A Deck
Ryobi Plunge Router
Quell Home Safety
Ryobi 4 Piece Combo
Hiring A Kennards Ute
Accessory Boxes
Screen Door Repair
Mitreplan – Build With Lattice
Esp Easy Surface Prep
Mitreplan – Hang A Timber Door
Selleys Special Putty
Monte’s Storage Box
Power Tool Safety
20th Sept., 2003  Ep 4 4th Oct., 2003  Ep 5 1st Nov., 2003  Ep 6
Putting Up A Shade Sail
Selleys Paint Over Silicone Sealant
Ryobi Table Saw
Taubmans 3 In 1 Interior / Exterior Paint
Mitreplan – Build A Garden Setting
Floetrol Acrylic Paint Conditioner
Cabot’s Natural Decking Oil
Mitreplan (Number 44) - Building An Adjustable Student’s Desk
Selleys Roof & Gutter Silicone Sealant
Ryobi Cordless Drills
Painting A Lattice Screen
Putting Up Polycarbonate Sheeting
Mitreplan - Build Your  Own Timber Stairs
Selleys No More Gaps
Accent Paints - Suede Paint Effect
Plaster Board Fasteners
Decorating A Metal Storage Locker
Ryobi Blower Vac Competition
Ryobi Road Test
Paint Roller Disposal/Viewers E-Mail
8th Nov., 2003  Ep 7 15th Nov., 2003  Ep 8 22nd Nov., 2003  Ep 9
Mitreplan - Treated Pine Retaining Wall
How To Repair Large Holes In Plasterboard – Selleys Spakfilla
Ryobi Competition
Ryobi Sanders
White Knight Glass Stain/Frosting
Zenith Heavy Duty TV Mounting Wall Bracket
Ryobi Road Test
Mitreplan - Insulation For Your Home
Trailer Wheel Bearings – Repacking Or Replacing
Summer Safety
Selleys Polyglaze Autowash - Car Washing During Water Restrictions
Using And Sharpening Chisels
Ryobi Combination Home Workshop
White Knight Paints - Rustguard
Ryobi Road Test
Mitreplan – Lay Your Own Concrete
Mitreplan – How To Bag And Render
Ryobi Stud Finder
Taubmans Outdoor Colour Range
Mitreplan - Construct A Timber Letterbox
Absco Shed - DIY Assembly
Mitre Joins Made Easy– Supercraft Mitre Boxes
Selleys All Clear – Fixing A Kitchen Sink
What Is It?
29th Nov., 2003  Ep 10 6th Dec., 2003  Ep 11 13th Dec., 2003  Ep 12
Mitreplan – Create A Courtyard Garden
Ryobi Road Test - Drill Press
White Knight Ultrapave Paving Paint - Painting A Concrete Shed Floor
Taubmans Million Dollar Promotion
Mitreplan – Roof And Gutter Maintenance
Selleys Liquid Nails Mirror
Ryobi Reciprocating Saw
Mitreplan - Build A Pet Hutch
Kitchen Renovation With White Knight Paint Products
Taubmans Million Dollar Promotion
Selleys Liquid Nails Landscape
Smart Blinds
Bistro Blinds From Smart Home Products
Ryobi Door Closer
Graffiti Removal
Hang A Picture Rail Using Selleys All Fix Adhesive
Ryobi Nack - Heavy Duty Utility Knife
Replace An Old Padlock Using Zenith Padlock
Securing Windows With Lane Locks
Fixing A Leaky Cistern
How To Change A Fuse
20th Dec., 2003  Ep 13 27th Dec., 2003  Ep 14 January 2004
Build a Trophy Cabinet
Taubmans Million Dollar Giveaway
Build a Wine Box (4 bottle wine crate)
Masonry Fasteners
Ryobi Cordless Mitre Saw
How To Repair Large Holes In Plasterboard – Selleys
Taubmans Million Dollar Promotion
Drill Bits
Mitreplan Doghouse
Ryobi Plunge Router
Ryobi Band Saw
White Knight Paving Paint
Rota Cota Rolla Cleana




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