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Thank you for visiting our 2004 Archives Page.

This page contains links to all our previous stories and helpful information. Eventually, our Archives page will be an essential "D.I.Y." guide to basic tasks around the home.

3rd Jan., 2004  Ep 15 9th Jan., 2004  Ep 16 17th Jan., 2004  Ep 17
Mitreplan – Build a Deck
Garden Lighting
Painting a Lattice Screen
Mitreplan – Build a Garden Setting
Combination Gas Powered Soldering Iron/Blowtorch and Gluegun
Screen Door Repair
Ryobi Cordless Drills
Selleys No More Gaps
Zenith heavy duty TV Mounting Wall Bracket
Decorating a Metal Storage Locker
Putting Up a Shade Sail
Install a Bushman Tanks Rain Water Collection Tank
Taubmans Million Dollar Giveaway
Mitreplan - Create a Courtyard Garden
Mitreplan - Build Your Own Timber Stairs
Mitreplan - Installing Wall Insulation
Selleys Fix N Grout
Ryobi Circular Saw
Fixing a Loose Balustrade
The Ryobi Four Piece Combo
Install Whirlie Bird
Taubmans Million Dollar Promotion
Rota Cota Roller Cleaner
Mitreplan - Build a Storage Chest Monte Dwyer
Lattice Fence
Masonry Cutting Kevin Farrell
Lane Locks Window Locks
24th Jan., 2004  Ep 18 31st Jan., 2004  Ep 19 7th Feb., 2004 Ep 20
Storage Options Under Stairs
Fix Skylight
Ryobi Saw Table
Build Portico
Wheel Bearing
Paving Paint
Install Plasterboard
Shed Hooks
Rota Cota Spirit Brushes
Coffee Table
Bag and Render
Ryobi Thickness Planer
Pole Fence
Pet Door
Wall Mates
White Knite Concrete Etcher
Student Desk
Rota Cota Spirit Rollers
Stone Wash Paint
Dado Lining Boards
Ryobi Combo
Taubmans Glass Staining Frosting
Stable Door
Screw Box
Accent Timber Wash
Rivets and Gutters
Wet Silicone Area
Bistro Blinds
14th Feb., 2004  Ep 21 13th March 2004 Ep 22 27th Mar., 2004 Ep 23
Mitreplan – Build a Bunk Bed
Lay Concrete
Selleys Car Wash
Ryobi Combo
Timber Joints
Selleys No More Gaps Multi Purpose
Rust Guard
Absco Shed
Selleys No More Gaps Bathroom
Selleys All Clear
Viewer Emails
Taubmans Tuscan Finish
Ryobi Cordless Screw Driver
Poly RTU Range
Ryobi Rotary Tool Hobby Kit
Door Closers
ITW Range of Pliers
Shade Cloth in the Garden
Mitreplan – How to Arc Weld
How To Change A Fuse
Mitreplan – Make a Child Easel
Selleys Aquadhere
Ryobi Electronic Rebate Planer
Zenith Storage Hooks and Shelves
White Knight Tub’n Tile
3rd April., 2004 Ep 24 10th April 2004 Ep 25 17th April 2004 Ep 26
Mitreplan – Install or Repair Plasterboard
White Knight MDF Primer
Ryobi – The Sanding Process
Selleys Exterior Silicone and Sealants
Supercraft Range of Hammers
Mitreplan – Build a Timber Gate
Ryobi Portable Battery Tools
Mitreplan – Unblocking Sinks
Selleys Araldite
Mitreplan - Mosaics
Retaining Walls
Laser Guided Saw
Liquid Nails Mirror Metal Glass
Accent Deck Oil
Fix Stairs
Supercraft Range of Files
23rd April 2004 Ep 27 1st May 2004 Ep 28 8th May 2004 Ep 29
Mitreplan – Build a Bookcase
Aquadhere Exterior – Tool Box
Wine / Shoe Rack
Ryobi Impact Driver
Mitreplan – Laminate Your Benches
Ryobi Reciprocating Saw
White Knight High Temperature Paint
Picture Hanging
Liquid Nails Fast
Mitreplan – Build an Entertainment Unit
Selleys Kwikstrip
Ryobi 18V Cordless Drill Kit and Tek Screwdriver
Mitreplan – Build an adjustable Student Desk
Supercraft Complete Range of Hand Saws
15th May 2004 Ep 30 22nd May 2004 Ep 31 29nd May 2004 Ep 32
Timber Joins # 2
Ryobi 190mm Circular Saw
White Knight Terracotta Spray
Selleys Ezy Glide
Selleys Kwikgrip
Build a Billy Cart
Mitreplan – Create Professional Timber Joins # 2
Ryobi Electric Chainsaw
Selleys Aquadhere Interior
Bricklaying – Complete Range of Supercraft Trowels
CTM Splashback Tiles
Mitreplan – Re-Upholstering Furniture
White Knight Metal Protection
Ryobi 1000w Impact Drill
Selleys Putty
CTM Pattern Tiles
Ramset Dynabolts
5th June 2004 Ep 33 12th June 2004 Ep 34 19th June 2004 Ep 35
Games Console
Ryobi Veneer Trimming Kit
Selleys All Clear
Pop Rivets
CTM Vitrified Tiles
Build a Squatter’s Chair
Selleys Araldite Ultra Clear
Estwing Hammers
Ryobi 305mm Compound Mitre Saw
Taubmans -
Lane Locks Profile Series
Tiling – Range of Supercraft Tools
Coffee Table to Dining table
Selleys Knead It
Hills Closetmaid Wardrobe
Tips from the Shed
Ryobi Petrol Line Trimmer
26th June 2004 Ep 36 3rd July 2004 Ep 37 10th July 2004 Ep 38
Build a Window Box
Ryobi 3 Inch Belt Sander
White Knight Instant Clear Finish
Selleys No More Gaps Mortar Works
Range of Zenith Fastners – New Packaging
Kennards Hire – Laser Level
Selleys Wet Area Silicone
Room Divider
Ryobi Bench Grinder # 2
Monte’s Tool Tips
Pipe Cutting
Selleys Silicone Brick and Concrete
Ramset – Fix Up an Old Bathroom
Build an Island Bench
Ryobi Concrete Cutter
White Knight Hammered Finish
Selleys Araldite Super Strength
Lane Locks Sliding Door Series
17th July 2004 Ep 39 24th July 2004 Ep 40 31st July 2004 Ep 41
Mitreplan – Work Bench
Lane Profile Series Door Leavers
Selleys Spakfilla Rapid and Heavy Duty
Ryobi Tile Cutter
Kennards Industrial Vacuums
Zenith Range of Castors
Taubmans Outdoor Colour Range
Mitreplan – Storage Seat
Ryobi 100mm Belt Sander
Aquarium - Selleys Glass Silicone Sealant
Howard Silvers Door Silencers
White Knight Areosols – Super Gold and Super Chrome Spray Paint
Kev's Tip
Mitreplan – Install Your Own Shelving
Coffee Grounds Box - Ryobi Belt and Disk Sander
Lane Doors Dress Up
Polyurethane Wood Glues - Selleys Durabond
Hills ClosetMaid Wardrobe
Tips from the Toolbox
Liquid Nails Retaining Wall
7th August 2004 Ep 42 14th August 2004 Ep 43 21st August 2004 Ep 44
Supercraft Paving tools
Selleys 5 Minute Araldite
Taubmans Outdoor Colour
Ryobi Band Saw with Light
Hills Kitchen Storage Systems
Mitreplan – Aerosol Spray Finishes
Mitreplan – Lay your own Paving
Ryobi 1500 watt Grinder / Sander / Polisher
Selleys Super Glue Brushable
Howard Silvers Kitchen Makeover
Tips from the Toolshed
Mitreplan – Tile Your Own Floors
Selleys Super Glue Dishwasher
Garage Door Makeover
Ryobi Professional Series Router
Aspen Door Furniture Set
28th August 2004 Ep 45 4th September 2004 Ep 46 11th September 2004 Ep 47
Mitreplan – Do Your Own Bricklaying
Ramset Anchors
Ryobi Scrollsaw
Tips From The Toolbox - Levels
Re-Seal Your Kitchen Bench
Mitre 10 MEGA store
Ryobi Mulcher/Shredder
Multi-purpose Room
Zenith Castors
Ryobi Impact Driver
Selleys Quick Fix Shockproof Superglue
Mitreplan – Make your Own Flyscreens
Ryobi 1050 Watt Impact Drill
Selleys Silicone Remover and Silicone New Colours
Lane Multi Latch
Mortein Professional
18th September 2004 Ep 48 2nd October 2004 Ep 49 30th October 2004 Ep 50
Mitreplan – Storage Options
Ryobi Special
Garage Makeover with Taubmans Ultra Pave
Selleys No More Big Gaps
Range of Supercraft Pliers
Mitreplan – Garden Bench
White Knight High Temperature Paint
Ryobi Bench Mounted Router
Mitreplan – Build a Window Box
Rapid Staple Gun
Pipe Cutter
Tape Measures
Mitreplan – Reupholster Chair
Selleys Liquid Nails Clear
Tile Your Bathroom
Selleys Knead It
Mitreplan – Build A Timber Deck
Komelon Tape Measures
Picture Hanging
Lay Your Own Paving
No More Gaps Mortar Works
Cabots Natural Decking Oil
Ryobi Bench Grinder
6th November 2004 Ep 51 13th November 2004 Ep 52 20th November 2004 Ep 53
Mitreplan – Build A Potting Bench
Renovation Clean Up with Kennards
Lock Up Your Home with Lane Security
Laying Exterior Vitrified Tiles
Build An Outdoor Garden Seat
Dulux Nevermiss Ceiling Paint
Build an Entertainment Unit
How to Install Garden Lighting
How to fill Gaps Around the Home
Timber Tips – Bending Wood
Clean Your BBQ
Mitreplan - Build A Garden Setting
Floor Savers and Door Stops
Timber Tips – Wood Types
Dulux Aquanamel Gloss
27th November 2004 Ep 54 4th December 2004 Ep 55 11th December 2004 Ep 56
Mitreplan – Grow Healthy Citrus Trees
How To Make A Lazy Susan
How To Stain Your Deck
Tool Maintenance
Staple Bamboo
How To Fit Shade Cloth
Tidy Up Your Home Office
How to Fill the Gaps Around Your Home
Paint Brushes & Rollers
Laundry Makeover
Spirit Levels
Repair A Pergola
Fill Gaps in Bricks & Mortor
Grind,Sand & Polish All With One Tool
Protect Your Outdoor Furniture
Dishwasher Safe Super Glue
Tips from the Toolbox
18th December 2004 Ep 57 25th December 2004 Ep 58 1st January 2005 Ep 59
Mitreplan – Build A Timber Letter Box
How To Repair A Skirting Board
How To Research Using the Selleys Website
Dulux Wash & Wear 101 Advanced
Ryobi Laser Level
Ryobi 150mm Bench Grinder
Selleys Araldite Quick Set
Zenith Microwave Brackets
Howard Silvers Door Silencers
Mitreplan – Fitting Shade Cloth
Timber Tips – Bending Wood
Lock Up Your Home With Lane Security
Mitreplan – Build A Garden Shed
Range of Sand Paper
Wine or Shoe Rack
Selleys No More Gaps Coloured Caulk
Berger Jet Dry Aqua Tread
8th January 2005 Ep 60 15th January 2005 Ep 61 22nd January 2005 Ep 62
Mitreplan – Making Flyscreens
Selleys Knead It
Tape Measures
Intergrain Natures Timber Oil
Selleys Wet Area Silicone
Mitreplan – Build A Cubby House
Rust Protection with Dulux Quit Rust
Build A CD Rack with Selleys Aquadhere Interior
Range of Clamping Tools
Ryobi Petrol Line Trimmer

Mitreplan – Build A Timber Gate
How To Install Lid Stays and Cabinet Locks
Mitreplan – Mosaics
Mitreplan – Aerosol Spray Finishes
29th January 2005 Ep 63    
Mitreplan – Install Outdoor Timber Stairs and Hand Rails
Lane Mini Bolt
Selleys Quick Fix Dishwasher
Mitreplan – Build A Garden Setting





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